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Macramé Owl Rescue

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Be Alert to Macramé Owls in Need

It is everyone’s responsibility to assist local Macramé Owls who need to be admitted to our Sanctuary. Read some of our rescue stories on our blog.
Greg and Ciaran rescue a Macramé Owl in the wild


Top Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse (MOWRON) Greg
teaches Apprentice MOWRON Ciaran the fine art of Macramé Owl handling in the wild.


Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse (MOWRON) Training

If you have ambitions to one day have the honour of becoming a professional MOWRON, start by enroling in our entry level MOWRON 101 training course.

We are currently modifying the curriculum to be less strenuous, as we found that too many students found the challenges of such great difficulty. We are working to make the qualification more accessible.

We will update the enrolment details as soon as we get around to it.

Greg demonstrates macrame handling techniques


Greg demonstrates handling techniques for a quarantined Macramé Owl, with volunteer  Horace.



Macrame Owl Poaching is a Despicable Act


Find out more about Macramé Owl poaching by reading the full story on our blog.

Be Alert to Macramé Owl Poachers

Sadly, Macramé Owls are still being hunted for their jute.

If you have witnessed any such malicious and indignant behaviour, please contact our MOAPER (Macramé Owl Anti-Poaching Enforcement Regulator), Amith Perera, in the first instance.

Be prepared to complete an eye-witness report and testify before an owl parliament.

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