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Macramé Owl Poetry

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Tributes to the Macramé Owl

If you’re a poet and you know it, contact us to publish your Macramé Owl poetry here. Meanwhile, here are a few we’ve written ourselves, and one by an ardent fan.
Plight of the Macramé Owl

by Annie Zalezsak © 30 July 2009

O, macramé owl
sitting on a dowel
do you ever fear
that your time is near?
It must be so hard
when you they discard.

Please don’t throw away
my little owl macramé.

Macramé Owl Prance

by Vivienne Foley © 30 July 2009

Macramé owl. where did you go?
The lack of you makes me feel so low.
Your beady eyes and knotted coat
Makes my heart just want to float!

When I saw you again, I felt aglow
Memories came back, they began to flow.
The warmth I feel when I see you there
Makes me and others sit up and stare!

Your gallant stance makes us want to dance
With joy and wonderment, we skip and prance!
Macramé owl, you make my world complete
You are so completely and utterly sweet!

Macramé Scrabble

by Bianca Pal © 22 July 2011

“Macramé owl”, I howl
I love you from my heart
to the bottom of my bowel

More than cheese,
more than Simon Cowell
You really are my favourite fowl

Stay the night
(I’ll lend you a towel)
You take a consonant
and I’ll have the vowel.

'Twas a month before Christmas

’Twas a month before Christmas…

by Annie Zalezsak © November 21, 2015

'Twas a month before Christmas when all through the house
No Macramé was stirring, not even the Owls.
The stockings were hung by the air conditioner with care
in hope that Santa's helpers would launder them.

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