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Macramé Owl Calls and Hoots

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The Distinction

Macramé Owl language can be a challenge to learn and decipher. Even scientists who study the Macramé Owl often are unable to make a clear distinction between a Macramé Owl Call and a Macramé Owl Hoot. Here, we endeavour to make this job easier.
Macramé Owl Calls

Macramé Owl calls are voiced when a Macramé Owl is seeking attention. It is sending out a signal that it wants to engage in a conversation. There is a special and particular message that it wants to convey. It wants to be heard and it is seeking a reply.

Macramé Owl Hoots

Conversely, a Macramé Owl hoot is voiced when the Macramé Owl is rambling, complaining, or just plain bored. It has no interest or investment in a conversation. It is merely exercising its vocal chords, or ‘babbling’.



Mating call: hoo-hoo-HOOOO
This call may be voiced for a long time and progressively increases in volume, as the Macramé Owl loses patience for its mating partner to respond.

Hungry natter: tut-tut-tut-tut-tut
This call is voiced by younger Macramé Owls to ask for a feeding.


Chagrinned hoot: trill… cawh
This hoot is voiced when a Macramé Owl was hopeful about something (trill), but then became quickly disillusioned (cawh). For example, if it received no response to the mating call, it would later be voicing a chagrinned hoot.

Squawk: rap-rap-rap raaaar
This is a common attention-seeking Macramé Owl hoot.

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